OPS-WASH Pillars

“Our pillars encapsulate a multi-stakeholder approach to SDG 6”

At OPS-WASH, we believe that diverse private sector engagement in SDG 6 is key to accelerated progress. Telecommunications, Food & Beverage, Financial Institutions, Water & Sanitation Entrepreneurs and others can each play a unique role in helping States guarantee the human right to water & sanitation for all.

We have created three key pillars which allow for this diverse participation as the objectives of each pillar require varied efforts, harnessing the spirit of collaboration.

1. Financial Innovations

The financial gaps in the WASH sector are overwhelming, meaning that Governments or Development Partners cannot resolve the issues alone. Additional finance can be procured through innovative financial instruments and industry tax resources provided that there is political will to review policies that align with fund mobilization for WASH objectives. Through partnership with financial institutions and Government Agencies we have been able to use the OPS-WASH platform to create innovative finance and investment models for WASH.
In Nigeria, we have partnered with FMDQ Group  for the implementation of Blue Bonds and WASH Tax Credits, which will go a long way in driving investments in WASH.

2. CSR & Philanthropy:

Private sector engagement in WASH cannot be considered as isolated CSR projects. It is important that any philanthropic or social investments in WASH are sustainable, especially in areas of operation & maintenance and monitoring & evaluation.

We encourage diverse participation under this pillar as private sector intervention can range from investment in media campaigns or innovation hubs,  to investing in circular WASH systems in surrounding communities.
Monitoring & Evaluation and Data Collection are effective tools used to propel our CSR & Philanthropy pillar. Sanitation projects that encompass climate conscious technologies can create economic opportunities for communities, where properly managed.

Meet our Ambassadors :

We also work with prominent individuals under this category who want to invest in SDG 6.


David Alaba

Real Madrid football star, David Alaba, is a proud supporter of the sanitation cause. Alaba donated (N) 13 300 000 towards constructing a toilet in his father’s home state: Ogun State. The facility is constructed just behind a busy market. People who live, work and school in this region are able to comfortably and safely use this public toilet. We also ran a joint social media giveaway create awareness on the pressing matter of sanitation. Additionally, foundational work is being done to prepare local entrepreneurs to operate & maintain the facilities to boost Nigeria’s Sanitation Economy.

Stephanie 7

Stephanie Linus

Stephanie Linus is a well-known Nigerian actress. She is also known for using her platform to draw attention to issues that affect women and girls. Stephanie has been a champion for improved healthcare for women and therefore understands the importance of safe WASH services in realizing this goal.

3. Data & Technology:

At OPS-WASH we understand that accelerated progress in SDG 6 can only be achieved by leveraging on accurate data & sustainable technologies. Optimizing data collection and analysis in sanitation allows us to quickly assess gaps so as to overcome them effectively. Moreover, collection and presentation of this information can help encourage more investments in the sector. As we push to create financial models for WASH it is vital that investors are convinced that investing in SDG 6 is impactful.

Under this pillar we work with community leaders, WASH technology companies, data consultants, development partners and Government agencies.

Send an email to nicholas@opswash.com if you wish to support a data focused pilot study in Nigeria.